About KOH: Board of Directors

The Kaleidoscope of Hope Ovarian Cancer Foundation has grown into a flourishing foundation since its creation in 2000. Our Board of Directors is committed to moving the Foundation forward as it educates and raises funds for ovarian cancer research.



Lynn Franklin

Lynn is a retired career educator with an advanced degree and an ovarian cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed in 2004, and after treatment, she and her husband, Tom, became active in the ovarian cancer community.  Lynn is the current president of Kaleidoscope of Hope Ovarian Cancer Foundation.  She also serves on the Community Cancer Advisory Board of Overlook Medical Center and the Regional Chronic Disease Coalition of Somerset and Morris Counties.  She is a volunteer for Cancer Hope Network and a presenter for the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance’s program, Survivors Teaching Students.  Among her awards and recognitions are an appearance on the Doctor Oz Show, an appearance on CBS News with Dr. Max Gomez, a video presentation by the Cancer Support Community of Central NJ, a United States Capitol Flag Award from Congressman Leonard Lance for her work in ovarian cancer awareness and the Spirit of Courage Award from the Cancer Support Community of Central NJ in recognition of her devotion to the awareness of ovarian cancer.

Lynn Stahl

Lynn is a retired manager from Telcordia Technologies.  She currently serves as Vice President of Kaleidoscope of Hope Ovarian Cancer Foundation.  She became aware of ovarian cancer when her mom was diagnosed with the disease.  She remembers feeling that she did not know much about ovarian cancer and found herself researching ovarian cancer in an effort to educate herself and her family about this insidious disease.  Unfortunately, her mother lost her battle with the disease and Lynn found herself wanting to help others to try to avoid what her mom had gone through.  She did her first walk with KOH in 1997 in memory of her mom.  She became involved with KOH to educate women about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and to raise funds for research in the hopes of finding an early detection test and better chemotherapies to treat the disease.  She volunteers her time in memory of her courageous mom who valiantly fought her disease. Lynn also serves on the Regional Chronic Disease Coalition of Somerset and Morris Counties.

Mary Castle

Mary Castle is a middle school teacher from Cranford, New Jersey.  She lost her sister-in-law, Diane Castle, to ovarian cancer in July 2000.  Ever since then, she has been involved with Kaleidoscope of Hope Ovarian Cancer Foundation.  She began volunteering at the walk in Morristown, and in 2004, along with the rest of the Castle family, started an annual walk in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, in memory of Diane.   She has been a KOH board member since December, 2017 and continues to support KOH in its endeavors to raise funds for ovarian cancer research and awareness.

Robert Fagella

Robert Fagella is an attorney and the managing partner of the law firm Zazzali, Fagella, Nowak, Kleinbaum and Friedman in Newark.  He has been a member of the KOH board for three years, and currently serves as its Treasurer.  Like so many, he had not previously heard of ovarian cancer until his wife, Carole, was unexpectedly diagnosed in 2007.  Carole was an inspirational speaker who became a KOH board member, and ultimately president, until her death in 2016.  Bob promised her that he would follow in her footsteps and carry on her fight to cure this dreadful disease. 

Diane Jankowski

A native New Jerseyan, Diane fell in love with nonprofits early in life.  Inspired by work she did while at college for her sorority, Diane quickly developed a deep passion for charity work.  This resolve stuck with her, leading her to earn her B.S. /M.A. in Accounting and Business Technology Education and Educational Leadership where her charity work continues while teaching high school.  Diane’s early experience with KOH included donating money by participating in walks and other activities in the memory of Diane Castle.  Diane was close to the Castle family and witnessed the passion and hard work that went into KOH.  Four years ago, Diane’s life would take an expected turn when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  After treatment, Diane wanted to do more to create awareness, search for early detection tests and hopefully, one day a cure.  Diane joined the KOH board two years ago.  She is happy spending her days with her husband, children and granddaughter and summers down the Jersey shore.

Anthony Romano

Anthony’s commitment to raising awareness and funds for ovarian cancer started with his wife, Mary’s, diagnosis ten years ago in 2009.  Shortly after her diagnosis, his family was reeling and seeking current and accurate information about ovarian cancer.  Kaleidoscope of Hope offered them the answers they were looking for but also provided them with tremendous support as well. Throughout her surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy, their mission to spread the word about this disease so that one less woman would have to receive this diagnosis became stronger than ever.  In February, 2011, Mary lost her battle with the disease after turning 58 just one month earlier.  Their battle, however, continues so that this horrific disease can be eliminated.  Anthony was honored to become a member of the Board in February, 2016.

Felicia Castle

Felicia has been a Board member since December of 2017.  She has been involved with Kaleidoscope of Hope since its inception.  She attended the first walk in Morristown in support of her sister-in-law who was hospitalized at the time with ovarian cancer.  As a supporter of KOH, she has volunteered with walks, golf outings and various fundraising activities.  Her vision is to promote ovarian cancer awareness.

Michele E. Collins

Michele was diagnosed with Stage 2B high grade serous ovarian cancer on February 13, 2015.  After a radical hysterectomy and six cycles of IV/IP chemotherapy, she was fortunate to be declared “in remission.”  She wanted to do something locally to celebrate, spread awareness and raise money for this insidious, “rarer” cancer.  In September of 2015, she participated in her first Kaleidoscope of Hope Walk in Avon, NJ.  It has since become an annual tradition as her team, “Michele’s Cartel,” walks every year.  When she was asked if she had any interest in becoming a KOH board member, she accepted without hesitation.  “What a great way for me to become more involved with this wonderful organization that raises much needed funds to advance research for better treatments for other survivors like me” Michele said. Michele is honored to be on the Board of Directors and feels it’s a great way to give back and help her fellow “teal sisters.”

Thomas Franklin – Grant Liaison

Thomas Franklin has a background of 34 years in secondary education in the State of New Jersey. He has also served for 15 years as the Commissioner of Finance and Administration for the Borough of Watchung, New Jersey.

Mr. Franklin’s educational background includes a baccalaureate in mathematics, a masters in educational administration and supervision and post-masters certification in school business administration.

He has studied various aspects of ovarian cancer, is married to an ovarian cancer survivor and has participated in other capacities in Kaleidoscope endeavors.

Karen MacNeil

Karen is a registered nurse in Asheville, North Carolina with a master’s degree in public health. Her mother, Gail MacNeil, is a co-founder of the Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation. Karen is honored to be part of continuing her mom’s legacy by supporting the women who are fighting ovarian cancer and the work of Kaleidoscope to find a cure.

Emily Smith DeNapoli

Emily has been involved with KOH since 2004 when her mother was diagnosed and Team Linda was formed in her honor  Her involvement with KOH through the years has given her a sense of community, strength, comfort and purpose that she hopes to help bring to others in their experience with ovarian cancer.  She lives in Edison with her family, 2 wonderful daughters who now walk in Grandma Linda’s memory.  Emily has a professional background in finance and has worked for companies in IT, manufacturing and construction industries.

She loves spending time with her children, getting lost in books and doing fun workouts!

Kate Bielitz