News: Ovarian Cancer Research

Researchers, as well as national and local organizations, frequently release new information on ovarian cancer, the statistics about it and new developments in the fight against it. This is where you’ll find the latest news.

June 2016

Selvendiran Karuppaiyah, PhD, is a former KOH (2008) grantee and senior author of this recently published study in Oncogene.
Elevated STAT3 expression in ovarian cancer ascites promotes invasion and metastasis: a potential therapeutic target

May 2016

2011 KOH award winner, Dr. Hyman, Director of Developmental Therapeutics at Memorial Sloan Kettering , is quoted in this article on Precision Medicine use vs chemotherapy.



Featured on the July 7, 2014 NBC Nightly News is the UPENN Vet Program which KOH has supported with its sponsorship of Ffoster, one of four dogs being trained to detect the presence of malignant ovarian cancer cells through smell.

This is KOH research grant dollars at work!  Watch this incredible news broadcast.