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Funding Research and Awareness for Ovarian Cancer

Our History

A History of Passionate Activism

1997- 1999 - Gail MacNeil, Lois Myers, and Patty Stewart are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and begin their treatment. All three are amazed at the lack of available information and general knowledge regarding ovarian cancer. A group of ovarian cancer patients began meeting in 1998 and 1999, including Nurse Practitioner Virginia Macko, Anne Casale, Mary Kay Mann, and Mark Zenobia from On Your Mark Productions, who began organizing KOH’s Walkathons.

May 2000 - The Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation is born. Gail, Lois, and Patty attend an ovarian cancer fundraising meeting at Atlantic Health’s Carol G. Simon Cancer Center in Morristown, NJ. They decide to create a foundation that will serve as a vehicle for ovarian cancer research and awareness.

September 2000 - The new foundation hosts its first fundraiser, a hugely successful walkathon, drawing 150 walkers and raising $25,000. It becomes the most successful first-time fundraiser ever held in Morris County.

And so it began...