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Funding Research and Awareness for Ovarian Cancer

Our Mission.

Our mission is to raise funds for ovarian cancer research and increase awareness of the symptoms of this disease.


Thank you to our thousands of participants and supporters!

YOU are making a difference!

The 2018 walks are over - but the need persists. Your donation supports research for early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer. 

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2019 Research Grant Application
Now Available


KOH is pleased to have supported
the work of Dr. George Preti since 2013

Grant Awards - 2018

The KOH Board of Directors is pleased to announce our
2018 Grant Award Winners.

Please visit our Funded Research page
for more information on the grant award research
we funded this year. 

Eighteen Years of Passionate Activism!

The Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation (KOH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises funds and acts as the primary advocate
for ovarian cancer activism in the New Jersey area. KOH was founded in 2000 by three ovarian cancer survivors who turned their
experiences with ovarian cancer into passionate activism.

The "hope" in Kaleidoscope of Hope represents the difference that early diagnostic tests or disease-specific therapy
can make in the lives of women and their families. Since 2000, the Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation has raised and awarded over $2.7 million to help fund research for early detection and new treatment options.

With a little bit of hope and your help, we can boost the survival rates of women affected by ovarian cancer and change lives.
Learn more about KOH.

KOH Research Grants
Have Supported Research at These Institutions

Carol G Simon Cancer Center
Dana Farber Cancer Center
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Monell Chemical Sciences
Monmouth Medical Center
National Cancer Insitute
Rutgers Cancer Insitute of New Jersey
The Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center
University of Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Center
University of Pennysylvania
University of Pennsylvania, Ovarian Cancer Research Center
University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine
University of Virginia Cancer Center

Please visit our Funded Research page for more information on the research projects we have supported .


KOH is looking for men and women volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Identify and write grants
  • Computer, social networking skills
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising activities
If you are interested in helping KOH raise funds for research and awareness of Ovarian Cancer then please e-mail .  


2018 Grantee
Kalpana Dorayappan, PhD
received an
International Scholar Award 
from The Ohio State University.
She also presented
a poster on the research KOH
is helping to fund at the
SGO Annual Meeting in March.

2017 grant winner,
Dr Lin Zhang reported on research
supported by KOH in
Current Opinion in Genetics &
The role of long noncoding RNAs
in cancer: the dark
matter matters

Dr Rachel Grisham reported
on her research supported
by KOH in this
article in the
Journal of Clinical
Extreme Outlier Analysis Identifies
Occult Mitogen-Activated Protein
Kinase Pathway Mutations
in Patients With Low-Grade
Serous Ovarian Cancer

Congratulations to
Dr. George Preti,
Monell Chemical Senses Center
and KOH Grantee in
2015 and 2016 for
receiving an $815,000 grant
from the Robert J. Kleberg,Jr.
and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation.

Congratulations to
Micheal Goldberg, PhD,
a KOH 2014
grant awardee for his
Liz Tiberis Early Career Award
from OCRFA.
Read about his research
Dr Sarah Adams,
KOH 2010 awardee
appears in this
University of New Mexico
Comprehensive Cancer Center’s
video on a new clinical trial
testing of a combination
of PARP and


Ovarian Cancer
Quilting for Hope and Charity

Written by
TK Harrison
Read the article here.
Visit TK Harrison's
website here.
Click on image to visit
the American Quilter's
Society page.

KOH is a proud
Member of

Researchers can find KOH Grant
information on:

Foundation for
Women's Cancer

Ovarian Cancer
Resource Funding


Innovation Happens:
The Electronic Nose

Listen to host Kim Thiboldeaux,
President and CEO of the
Cancer Support Community,
for this radio broadcast
featuring Dr. Preti,
a researcher funded by KOH!

Alicia's Message to you:

Watch this youtube video
Alicia's message to you 
could save your life!

Can Dogs Detect
Cancer by Smell?

PBS News Special Report
investigaes UPENN's
Vet Program and Ffoster, 
the dog sponsored by KOH!

Watch this PBS News Special


Features Dr. Otto of UPENN
and the training of dogs to
sniff out ovarian cancer.
Watch this News Update


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